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Why First Aid Training is Important

First Aid Benefits

First Aid Training Explained

First Aid Training seems to be an afterthought for many businesses. I am unsure as to why this is the case. The majority of companies seem to wait until they encounter a situation where first aid would have been important before deciding on the idea of implementing first aid training. On this page I am going to take a look at the reasons as to why you should start looking into the idea of first training today.

I am sure almost everybody that is reading this page knows exactly what first aid is all about. The idea is that first aid will be the first ‘medical assistance’ offered before professionals take over the case. In many cases first aid, administered fast enough at least, can save lives. In other cases the first aid is all a person actually needs to recover (e.g. for small cuts and burns) and thus no medical assistance is required.

Legal Requirement

In many places it is actually a legal requirement to have at least one staff member trained in first aid. This means that there should always be one person on the premises who knows how to deal with a situation. In an ideal situation as many people as possible, preferably every employee in the building. You should have at least a small amount of training in the world of first aid. After all; in an emergency where every second counts the last thing you want to do is to rush around trying to find the only person on the site who is qualified in first aid.

Importance of First Aid Training

The main reason as to why you would want to have first aid training in place however is down to the fact that it saves lives. As I mentioned previously; in emergency situations almost every single second is going to count. You do not want to be waiting around for the medical team to arrive in order to administer lifesaving treatment. It may be too late then. You want to ensure that medical procedures are put into place as soon as possible. If the person is not in a life-threatening condition then the first aid may actually help to prevent further injury, or even start up the healing process. Remember; as I mentioned previously not everybody is going to require medical assistance from a professional. The majority of situations can be dealt with ‘on the premises’ i.e. cuts and burns and other minor injuries.

Guy Explaining First Aid Training to Others


Regular first aid training will also ensure that employees feel a lot safer on the job. This will help to provide them with motivation. Many employees will also love the fact that you have invested in their well being and thus you will find it a great deal easier to retain them as staff (employees love to feel cared for!). You may even find that regular first aid training will boost motivation and this may even lead to increased productivity and the like. This should not be your main focus obviously, but it is a nice little perk.

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