Available Service

  • Medical Examinations

  • Safety Audits

  • Safety Files

  • Risk Management

  • First-Aid Training

  • Safety Training

  • Fire Training

  • AIDS / HIV Training

  • General Safety Training

  • Forklift Training

Health & Safety Services


A healthy safety program does not end with training & medicals. Many other services are available to promote your companies OHS. We offer a wide range of health & safety services. We strive to bring you a flexible solution to suit every OHS need. We outsource some of the services below. We only use trusted providers. We have a long-standing relationship with the providers we use.

We offer most of the services below. The majority form part of our complete safety service. If you do not see the service you need, do not worry. Simply complete our contact form. We will help you find whatever service you need.

Examples of Safety Services

•    Safety Audit
•    Safety File
•    Risk Management
•    Emergency Planning
•    Site Safety File
•    Legal Appointment
•    Safety Program Retainer Service
•    Training
•    Medical Examinations
•    Fire Extinguisher Servicing
•    Boiler Pressure Testing
•    First Aid Kits.


Risk Management & Safety Audit

Some of the services will help to make your safety program flow. There are many things you need in your company. The easiest way is to start with a risk assessment. It will determine all the safety services you need. Once a risk assessment is done, you will know what to prioritize. During a safety audit, your company can find out what risk are important. The risks reduced over time. You need to take care of the most vital risks soon. You need to appoint a safety committee to handle the safety meetings. During the meetings, the team can assign duties.

The risk assessment or safety audit will pick up what you need. During this valuation, you will know if you need to service extinguishers or refill your boxes. It will also pick up what training or medicals you will need. Some companies do not know what they need. We usually suggest that you complete a safety audit if you have nothing. If you have a safety file, we can build on it for you.

Site Safety File

A Site safety file is often a requirement by sites. The file shows that your company has a safety plan. It will include certificates and appointments. It will have all the paperwork to prove that you take safety seriously. Some sites do not allow contractors without a proper safety file. Some construction site will give you a guideline. It will explain what you need in the file. We can help you get everything together.

Legal Appointments

When you ask an employee to take responsibility, you need to appoint them. This legal form shows that they accept the duty. This section is a legal must. If you get an inspection by the Department of Labour, they will ask for your appointments. You need to complete this form for every first aider, safety rep, fire team member, etc. You also need to appoint the CEO. The CEO will also appoint a 16(2). This number refers to a person just under your CEO. This person can be a site supervisor, etc. We can help you get your appointments in order. This service is part of our monthly safety retainer option.


Emergency Planning

Emergency planning can be anything from a fire to a bomb threat. This service can help you prepare for the worst. In most cases, a tragedy will never happen. It is still important that you are ready. Emergency planning will look at your evacuation plan, alarms, and drills.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

It is crucial to have pressure on your fire extinguishers. If nobody takes action, your extinguishers will be worth nothing. It is usually the duty of the fire team to ensure that extinguishers have pressure. They need to make sure that extinguishers are visible and serviced regularly.

Safety Service Retainer Program

We can help you get everything in place. It is an ongoing service. We help run your safety meetings. During the meetings, we will help allocate duties to your team. We will ensure that your program is in tiptop shape. It will also include all basic training