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Risks of not Having  Employee Safety Training?

Safe Employee With Tools

Employee Safety Training Introduction

Does your company engage in regular employee safety training? If not; you may be doing a huge disservice to your employees and your company. On this page I want to take a little look at the risks of not having a proper safety training regime in place. Safety training is not a nice to have in your company. In many cases it is a legal requirement. Not having the required employee safety training can literally cost you arm and a leg.


Firstly; employees are always looking at ways in which they can save time and effort when it comes to work. After all; we all want to do things in the quickest way possible, right? Quite often this will mean that they act in an unsafe manner. If they act in an unsafe manner then they will not only be putting themselves at risk but they will also be putting the people that surround them at risk, and even risk causing property damage. If they get injured on the job (or injure somebody else or damage property), then you will need to pay compensation. This is because it will be seen as your responsibility as an employer that the employee did not act in a safe manner.

This is why you need to regularly hold employee safety training. The employees will have it ingrained into their mind the best way in which to act, and they are more likely to act in that way in the future. In short; safety training basically tells people how to act and stops them acting in a way which could end up hurting people and property.

Employee First Aid Training

First aid training is quite often a key component of employee safety training. As you may know; first aid, providing it is administered quickly enough, has the potential to save lives. Absolutely every single second counts if somebody is involved in an accident. The last thing you want to happen is to have somebody need to track down somebody who has completed first aid training. This could cost a life. As an employer it is your duty to ensure that everybody who works for you has full first aid training. You never know when it may be required.

Employee Fire Training

In addition to this; you will want to ensure that your company undergoes regular fire training. A fire can occur at any time. People tend to panic in fires and not know what to do (this is how the majority of lives are lost in a fire). Regular fire training will ingrain your fire procedures into the minds of your employees. This means that they will always know what to do should the worst happen. Good training will ensure that your employees do not have to think about what to do (this will cost lives). Good fire training will ensure that they act on impulse. Your employees acting on ‘auto pilot’ will ensure that their life is saved.

Remember; safety training should be almost constant. This means that you want to be teaching your employees the best way in which to act at all times. This will help get the idea of just how important safety is in the workplace ‘ingrained’ into their minds.

Safety Training Hard Working People


There are a lot of different types of safety training courses you can attend. Some will obviously be more advanced than others. IN most cases, you will only be required to have first aid, employee safety representative and fire. Additional safety training can help your company have a more effective OHS system.

We offer a wide range of employee safety training courses. Feel free to ask us for more information. We can give your company a free quote. Let’s get started today.