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Reasons Employees Health is Important

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Do You Care About You Employees Health?

You want to ensure that your employees are as safe as possible on the job, right? Of course you do! Let me run you through a few of the reasons as to why taking care of your employee health is incredibly important. Employees health should always be a priority.

Firstly; taking a concern for employee health will actually show that you respect each and every person that works for you. Employees like to be valued and regular check-ups to ensure that they are in the best possible health at all times will go a long way towards this. Obviously this is not the main reason as to why you are going to be concerned with employee health, but motivation is always a brilliant thing when you want to ensure that you retain your best employees. Various medical examinations can be done for your employees. Some to determine a baseline, others ensure employee health sustainability.

Importance of Healthy Employees

The main reason as to why you are likely to be concerned with employee health is down to the fact that you want to ensure that your employees are not going to pose a danger to themselves, other people, or property. For example; if you ran a logistics company, you wouldn’t want drivers that are prone to ‘blanking’ out from time to time, right? That would put so many lives in danger. You are going to be concerned with employee health simply because you want to protect as many people as possible.

Remember; poor employee health will not only lead to death or serious injury (both things that you will need to be concerned with), but it may also lead to rather hefty compensation claims. I am sure that you have a fairly decent insurance policy in place that will help to combat these compensation claims somewhat. You do however have to realize that if you have needed to meet a hefty compensation claim, or at least if your insurance company has needed to meet a hefty compensation claim, then your insurance premiums will go up rather substantially when it comes to renewal. This means that you are going to be eating into your company’s profits. This is obviously never something that you want to happen, right?

Legal Requirement

It is also worth noting that in some industries it is actually a legal requirement to constantly be ‘up to date’ with the health of your employees. For example; if you control a fleet of drivers then you will have a legal duty to ensure that your employee’s are in the best health possible. If you do not meet this legal duty then you are going to be looking forward to some rather substantial fines. You may even find that you end up losing your business if you have multiple breaches of this legislation. None of this is something that you wish to deal with.

Many South African mines will not even allow you onto the site without a medical examination (fitness certificate). Safety is a priority at most mines. Some construction sites will require the same documentation. You need to prove that your employees are healthy and fit for the job.

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Finally; taking a concern when it comes to employee health may actually bring down the cost of business insurance in some situations. It may not always happen and it will probably not be for a lot, but every penny you save is going to be beneficial for your business, right? At the end of the day, you know your employees are healthy. Healthy employees are productive employees.