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First Aid Level 3 Training Introduction

Level 3 First Aid Training Introduction

Level 3 first aid is the most advanced level. After you complete level 3, you will start moving into paramedic courses. Level 3 one of the hardest courses we have to offer. Completing this course can be very rewarding. You will gain a lot of knowledge by getting your certificate.

Level 3 first aid training will not be for everybody. Unless you do it for self-improvement, it is probably not necessary. This course will be great for anybody that wants to become a paramedic or BAA. This course can even benefit the person that wants to study to become a doctor.

Difference Between Level 2 & Level 3

In this level, you will learn everything in level 1 & 2 again. This time you will learn a lot of theory. You will even understand the flow of blood in the heart. Most information will not be vital to treating basic injuries. Level 3 does not consist of a lot of practical. The most practical course is level 1 first aid. Knowing the name of every bone in the body will not be important to treat a patient. Knowing the name of the bone will however assist the paramedics when you call them.

Because this level contains so much theory, there are some minimum requirements. To qualify for this course, you need at least a Gr8 (St 6) qualification. This provision is to prevent you from wasting your time. You must be able to read and write, there will be a lot of studying. You need to have a valid Level 2 before you can enter this course.

Woman with Spinal-Injury

Head & Spinal Injuries

Although common, head and spinal injuries can be life threatening. It is important to understand spinal injuries. Often it is not an injury that cause disability but the treatment afterwards. We have seen situations where a person was picked up after a severe back injury. This event is where a lot of damage happens. All three levels cover spinal injuries. You will learn practically how to transport a person with a suspected spinal injury.

Multiple Injury Management

IN some cases, a person can have more than one injury. Let us look at a car accident. A person can have a spinal injury, broken bone and bleeding. You need to understand the risks for each injury. This skill will help you prioritize your protocol. It is not always the person that screams the most that needs attention the fastest. The person not breathing will not be able to scream. Multiple injury management will teach you the skill to know whom to treat first and why.

Emergency Childbirth

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a child into the world. Unfortunately, it is not always a controlled environment. Unexpected childbirths happen all the time. Not many people possess the skill to deliver a baby. Although this ability is mostly for emergencies, the level 3 first aider will have the skill.

We offer discounts for larger groups. Feel free to ask about our reduced rates.

Below is a list of modules you will learn in level 3:

First Aid Level 3 Training Modules

1. Principles of First Aid and Safety
2. Emergency Scene Management.
3. Vital Signs
4. Primary and Secondary Examination
5. Evaluation of the Patient’s Condition.
6. Artificial Respiration for an Adult, Child and Infant.
7. Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting.
8. One and Two Rescuer CPR for an Adult, Child and Infant.
9. Soft Tissue Injuries; Wounds and Bleeding.
10. Fractures and the Threatened Limb.
11. Head and Spinal Injuries.
12. Joint Injuries and Rescue Transportation.
13. Chest Injuries.
14. Hand Injuries.
15. Eye and Ear Injuries.
16. Multiple Injury Management.
17. Pelvic, Abdominal and Crush Injuries.
18. Environmental Illnesses and Injuries.
19. Burns.
20. Poisoning, Bites and Stings.
21. Chest Pains and Paralysis.
22. Epilepsy (Fits), Breathlessness and Skin Reactions.
23. Emergency Childbirth.
24. Behavioural Emergencies.
25. Applied Anatomy and Physiology.
26. Ethics Related to Emergency Care.
27. The Legal Aspects of First Aid.


Serve the Community

Due to the depth of the level 3 first aid training course, it possible to help your community. Some areas so not have access to medical treatment quickly. This lack of help means that sometimes it is up to the public to assist each other. With a valid level 3 certification, you can help those around you. Having the skill to assist is priceless. With level 3, you will have the confidence to walk into any situation.


Level 3 is a very advanced course. If you want to become a paramedic, this is the first place you should start. If you qualify for level 3, you can apply to become a first aid trainer. You will have enough skill to teach other students the art of first aid. The OHS Act of 93 does not require employees to have level 3 first aid. It can however be done should you feel the need.
We offer discounts for larger groups. If you have less than ten students, you can come to us. If you have more than 10, we can do on-site training. To get a free quote, please complete our contact form. We will back to you as soon as possible.