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Introduction to First Aid Training

First Aid Benefits

We provide a one-stop solution for first aid training in South Africa. We offer Level 1 – 3 First Aid, and a CPR Refresher course. We train employees, teacher, tour guides, house cleaners, etc. We can teach anybody willing to learn. Our courses are full of fun practical exercises. We enjoy having fun while learning an important life skill.

First aid training can save a life. Even the most basic level will teach you the needed skills. You will be able to treat almost any injury you can imagine. We often see stories on the news where a first aider saved a person. We live in a time where accidents and injury happen all the time. If you are not ready, you might not be able to assist. Keeping a person alive until the paramedics arrive is vital. Everybody must have the knowledge and skill to treat injuries.

We offer on-site training if you have more than ten students per course. If you have less, we can train your staff at our training venue in JHB. We understand the importance of production and do our best to accommodate companies in this regard.
We offer discounts for larger groups. Please contact us for a reduced cost.

Below we will give you a brief description of each level. For more information regarding each level, please click on the link below:


Available Levels:

First Aid Level 1
First Aid Level 2
First Aid Level 3
Employee First Aid
CPR Refresher Course

Level 1 First Aid Introduction

In this level, you will mostly learn practical skills. You will have fun while learning an important skill. This level is the most common level of first aid available. Level one is the best course if you are not interested in making first aid your career. You do not have to be literate to qualify for this course. You will learn all the basics of saving a life. The course covers bleeding, broken bones, CPR, etc. This course is excellent for children, teachers, etc. Level 1 is also relevant for most employees. You will learn everything you need to know to get started. Read More

Duration: 18 Hours
Evaluation: 2 Hours
Practical: 100%


Level 2 First Aid Introduction

Similar to level 1, however, you will learn a lot of theory. This course is a little more serious. The theory will explain some of the practical of level 1. It will mostly cover the same modules, including a few extra. You will also learn child & infant CPR. This course is great for nannies, new parents, and high-risk employees. To do level two first aid, you need to have a valid level 1 certificate. If you have not yet done level one, you can combine the two into one course. You will then start with level one before you progress to level two. We offer discount if you combine courses. There will be a written exam after the course. You need to be literate to pass the exam. Read More

Duration: 22 Hours
Theory: 50%
Practical: 50%


Level 3 First Aid Introduction

Level 3 first aid is an in-depth course. You will learn a lot of theory. This course will mostly be relevant if you want to make first aid your career. Most people do not need level three. You will learn how the body works. This knowledge will help you to understand level one & two better. You need to have at least Gr9 (St7) in order to qualify for this course. This course is a stepping stone to becoming an ambulance assistant or paramedic. We get some students that enjoyed level one & two enough to do level three. You can never know too much. Level 3 even covers childbirth.

Duration: 40 Hours
Theory: 50%
Practical: 50%


Employee First Aid Training

The OHS Act of 93 requires first aid level one. Not only is it a legal requirement, it also benefits your company. As an employer, the last thing you want is injuries in your company. Unfortunately, we cannot always control this. The best method of cure is to be prepared. If an employee gets an injury on site, you need to make sure that they are in excellent hands. Our employee-training program aims at your risks. We do our best to adapt the course to your company risks. We spend more time on critical modules where possible. This way we get the peace of mind that your employees are well educated.

We will do our best to accommodate your company. Time is money. We will not waste your time. We will make sure that we manage the course as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have done first aid training for some of the biggest companies in South Africa.


CPR Only Introduction

Level 1 covers CPR in full. There are many important steps to remember. Most people who complete the course will never use this skill. By not practicing, you might become rusty. A CPR refresher course will help you keep your skill sharp.

We do not suggest that you do this course without a level 1 qualification. This course does not replace the level 1 qualification. It merely keeps your mind up to date. We suggest that you complete this course every six months to a year. It does not take long but will refresh your memory. This certificate is an attendance certificate. You do not get a certified level 1 qualification.

Duration: 2 Hours
Theory: 30%
Practical: 70%