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Reasons Driver Medical Examinations are Important

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Driver Medical Examinations Explained

As you may know; the intention of medicals for drivers is to take a peek at whether the driver is in sound enough health to drive a vehicle properly. Whilst many companies do not regularly have medicals for their drivers, it is recommended that you do. On this page I want to take a little look at the reasons behind that. Medical examinations are extremely important and should be a priority.


Firstly; medicals for drivers are important because you want to ensure people are safe. It is likely that your driver is going to be in a pretty large vehicle. A large vehicle has the potential to kill. In fact; a small vehicle has the potential to kill for that matter. I am not just talking about the life of the driver being lost but innocent bystanders. This is obviously going to be devastating for your business. The last thing you want to have happen is one of your employees causing an accident. You obviously do not want people to get seriously injured or even killed. You also do not want to be dealing with the financial implications of this happening. There will be a lot to deal with. You will need to cover expenses related to personal injury, any lost income, any damage to property, and a whole lot more. This will in turn lead to your insurance premiums being forced up in the future too. In short; this will have a long-term financial impact on your business that you probably do not want to be dealing with.

Insurance Benefits

There are also insurance benefits to having medical examinations carried out on your drivers. A number of insurance companies out there realize that drivers that undergo medical examinations on a regular basis are far less likely to end up causing accidents whilst they are out driving. If they are less likely to cause accidents then it is less likely that the insurance company will need to end up making a pay-out on the insurance. If they are less-likely to need to make a pay-out on the insurance then they are able to charge a far lower price to you. Insurance companies absolutely love people who do not make regular claims. It is almost pure profit for them.

Legal Requirements

In some situations, depending on the industry that you work in and your location, it may be a legal requirement to have your drivers regularly undergo medical examinations. This may be something that you want to start looking into because if you are not doing something that the law says you should be doing then you will be saying hello to a number of fines. In some cases you may even end up losing the business that you are trying to run.

Drivers can Include a wide range of machinery. It is not just limited to trucks and delivery vehicles. It also includes heavy machinery. This will include forklifts, cranes and front loaders. You need to ensure that all operators on your site complies with the OHS Act of 1993. You need to ensure that all drivers and operators are fit for duty. To protect your business, make sure you have driver medicals in place.

Driver Medical Examination Testing Nurse


Remember; there are a number of companies out there that offer medical examinations for drivers. It is important that you only op to work with reputable companies. After all; you want to be sure that your drivers are getting the most complete medical examination possible. All drivers need to get medical examinations. To get more information, or to book your driver medicals, please complete our contact form.