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Why do Companies Need Safety Signs?

Safety Sign Examples

Company Safety Signs Are Important

Ensuring that the working environment is as safe as possible is absolutely vital. After all; employers want to ensure that their employees are in the best possible health at all times. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about why companies need safety signs to help protect their employees. Safety signs are not a nice to have. In order to ensure compliance with the OHS Act of 1993, you need to have the relevant safety signs visible.


First and foremost; in most locations safety signs are a legal requirement. If you do not have safety signs up which inform the employees of the potential dangers of the site then you could face rather extreme fines from health and safety organizations. In addition to this; if an employee does become injured on the job and you end up being ‘sued’, then one of the first things that the court will be on the lookout for is safety signs. If they do not see them, whether the sign is meant to be there or not, then you will be looking forward to a pretty hefty compensation pay-out. In short; you want to make sure that there are as many signs hanging up as possible. You want to make sure that your employees are aware of absolutely every danger no matter how obvious it should be. Not only will those safety signs help to protect your employees but they will also help to protect you as well.

Safety Advantages

Safety signs are also important for ensuring that your employees are as safe as possible at all times. These safety signs will tell your employees what they need to do in the working environment at all times to stay safe. For example; if they need to be wandering around a certain area wearing a hard hat or something similar to that. Remember; employees getting injured on the job is going to be incredibly expensive, particularly if you do not have any safety signs up which are helping to prevent the injury. As I mentioned earlier; a lack of safety signs could result in higher compensation claims.

You also have to realize that if an employee is injured regularly on the job then you may look forward to higher insurance costs, more employees injured and off work (which is going to cost you money as certain projects may take longer), and perhaps a higher staff turnover (nobody likes to work in an area which is unsafe). This is why you absolutely must purchase safety signs. In the grand scheme of things; safety signs will save you money in the long run. The best part is that they are not all that expensive to purchase at all. They therefore make a brilliant ‘investment’.

Health & Safety Signs


Remember; if you are going to purchase safety signs then you absolutely must make sure that you purchase quality ones. After all; the last thing you want to do is end up purchasing a safety sign which is ‘impossible’ to read due to its size, or perhaps a safety sign which is not going to be all that clear when it has been around for a while.

When we conduct a safety audit of your premises, we can determine all the safety signs you need. We can advise you on the required signs. For more information regarding our safety audits, or risk management services, feel freer to contact us.