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Why Companies need to Comply with Occupational Health & Safety Rules?


Does Your Company Comply with Occupational Health & Safety Regulations?

Occupational Health and Safety, or OHS for short, is a set of laws which govern safety in the workplace. The intention of these laws is to ensure that both people and property are protected at all times. Surprisingly; the vast majority of companies out there do not really pay attention to OHS compliance. This is a great shame. As you will see on this page; there are a number of reasons as to why you need to have OHS compliance in your company.


Firstly; occupational health and safety is a legal requirement. If you do not meet OHS compliance then you could potentially be breaking the law. This means that you will be looking forward to some rather substantial fines, and in some places, particularly if you regularly breach occupational health and safety laws, you could end up losing your business. The laws that you need to follow do of course vary from country to country and industry to industry. It is up to you to be aware of what the legal requirements are for your own particular company. You could always opt for your company to go through OHS training if you want to ensure that you are protected as well as possible.

Importance of Compliance

Secondly; Occupational Health & Safety compliance ensures that your employees are acting as safe as possible on the job at all times. Employees (and you will do this too!), like to cut corners if it means saving time and effort when it comes to work but still results in a good job. When employees cut corners they may be putting not only their health at risk but also be putting the health of the people and the property that surround them at risk too. This is not what you want. If somebody gets injured in the working environment then it will be your responsibility as an employer to pay compensation to impacted parties. This compensation can be quite high and thus you should hope that your insurance company covers it. However; even if your insurance company covers the compensation it is likely that your insurance premiums will be pushed up in the future.

This basically means that non-compliance with occupational health and safety will cost you money in the long run. You obviously can’t always stop your employees behaving in an irrational manner, but occupational health and safety legislation will stop them performing like that the majority of the time. OHS compliance will help drill into the mind of your employees the right way to act. This will greatly cut down on injuries and the like in the workplace.

Occupational Health & Safety Testing by Nurse


Occupational Health & Safety compliance will also ensure that your employees remain happy at all times. This will result in you being more likely to keep the decent staff on your books. After all; absolutely nobody wants to work in an environment where they are likely to get injured on the job. Most people would probably prefer heading to a place where they are safe at all times.